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Created in 2019, FoodTech Hub Br, helps companies to identify relevant sources of knowledge, support and partnerships.

FoodTech Hub Br has a panoramic view of developments in the food industry, thanks to the experience of its leaders in the food chain, experience in setting up innovation communities.

FoodTech Hub Br aims to capitalize, mentor, model disruptive companies in the food chain.

FoodTech Hub Br Ecosystem Involving Key Chain Actors

At the forefront of innovation, knowledge and entrepreneurship, FoodTech Hub Br is access to the best resources through a range of industries, research centers, universities and potential investors through a national and international innovation community allowing a wide exposure worldwide .

FoodTech Hub Br has the ambition to form an amalgamation uniting all the actors in the food chain, aiming to serve consumers.

Being a member of FoodTech Hub Br companies accelerate innovation and business development.


Multinational startup companies are members of FoodTech Hub Br, the first and main knowledge-intensive ecosystem in Brazil.
This ecosystem is characterized by many world-class disruptive FoodTechs and cooperation between companies, knowledge institutions, governments and venture capital.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to select, capitalize, model, mentor disruptive companies in the food chain that impact the selected verticals: Products or Productive Systems, Smart Packaging, Food Waste and Food Safety.

Our vision is to create a cooperative, innovative environment, with physical and intellectual infrastructure in order to create one of the best food innovation ecosystems in the world.

We are facilitators of open innovation.

We believe that technology should be used in order to create sustainable models with a circular ecosystem.

We believe in accessibility, availability, transparency, responsibility and that technology is the master pillar to make all of this happen.

Pillar of Interest of FoodTech Hub Br

Innovation is an important part of the strategy of many Brazilian companies. The strategy aims at sustainable growth, as well as adding value to the food chain.

Our search for innovation is focused on four main pillars: New products, smart packaging, losses in the food chain and quality in a broader way (food safety).

On these pillars we want to develop companies, with an impact market, focusing on sustainable agricultural processing. Companies that focus their innovation on the production of healthy, nutritious, balanced and tasty foods.

These advances are very expensive, both in time and resources. The FoodTech Hub looks for disruptive innovation entrepreneurs in the food chain.

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