Project Agro 4.0 - Public Consultation 01/2020

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The Agro 4.0 Project proposes pilot projects for the adoption and diffusion of digital technologies in the agribusiness chain, with rural producers / agro-industries and partner entities. Thus, in order to increase productivity, it intends to identify viable models for the implementation and diffusion of technologies.

The Agro 4.0 Project has been structured, in recent months, by the Brazilian Agency for Industrial Development - ABDI, together with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply - MAPA, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovations - MCTI and Ministry of Economy - ME . ABDI is linked, through a management contract, to the Ministry of Economy and carries out innovation projects with a focus on increasing productivity and reducing costs for the Brazilian productive sector. The projects are developed in partnership with several public agencies, ecosystems and private initiative.

To collect information and suggest criteria for the selection of said pilot projects, in order to give broad knowledge of the project's construction process and raise contributions as subsidies for the format of the notice, ABDI is making available this Public Consultation, which starts on 25 / 06/2020 until 08/07/2020.

Suggestions should be sent through this form. Personal identification is optional and data will not be disclosed individually. The criteria, object of this Public Consultation, can be accessed through the link:

Pilot projects for the adoption of technology 4.0 must be submitted by rural producer (s) or industry (s) in the agricultural sector, together with a partner entity (which may be an association, cooperative, university, technology park, among others) , in four categories:

* Category 1: Inputs
Environmental control and heat treatment; Remote tracking and monitoring of equipment and materials, with integration into the management system; Predictive and proactive maintenance, with data-based insights.

* Category 2: Production and Harvest
Efficient use of natural resources and inputs, with an emphasis on meteorological, plant and soil monitoring, in order to promote increased productivity as well as cost reduction and integration into a management system; Efficient use of machinery with an emphasis on performance management of machines, in order to optimize the use of equipment and integration into a management system; Health security and animal welfare, with an emphasis on monitoring the health, behavior, feeding, weight and location of animals, as well as pest management, in order to increase the volume of information and its accuracy in monitoring biological assets and integration with a management system.

* Category 3: Processing
Remote tracking and monitoring of equipment and materials, with integration into the management system; Predictive and proactive maintenance, with data-based insights; Quality monitoring (indicator monitoring system, classification systems, product quality analysis).

* Category 4: Integration of the value chain
Chain monitoring with a focus on predictive and prescriptive maintenance of chain bottlenecks; Marketplaces (inputs, distribution, production, consumption); Monitoring the origin and transport of the product / input (end to end) (traceability); Monitoring of product quality (end to end); Forecasting and anticipating demand (replenishing inventory, planning needs); Input management (analysis of supply capacities, monitoring input availability);

The Project team thanks, in advance, the interest of companies and the ecosystem. Contributions will be essential for the construction of the Project, so we hope that everyone will participate by sending your suggestions! We make ourselves available for further clarification, by e-mail:

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