FoodTech Hub Connect is a service for everyone who wants to outsource their research or need help to start a project. We find the right specialist or team of experts for your need.


Single Point of Contact: We offer access to a global network of Companies, Investment Funds, Government, Regulatory Bodies, Universities and Research Institutes.

Types of Projects: Projects related to the food chain businesses, for example:

  • Support for innovation;
  • Technology;
  • Starting a new company;
  • Find a business partner;
  • Applicable legislation;
  • Intellectual property rights

FoodTech Hub Hunting is a service that connects Industry to the job market to discover talent in innovation in the different areas of the food chain.

FoodTech Hub reaseach is a service that helps companies to deepen their understanding of the market through targeted and exclusive research.

FoodTech Hub Innovation Day is a service with its own methodology that aims to promote Innovation Workshops within Industries, Universities, creating an environment and motivation for the development of innovation in a structured way.

FoodTech Hub Innovation Business Model, has as methodology of work 3 Strategic Phases:

Phase I: Diagnosis of the company's current stage of innovation;
Phase II: Definition of the appropriate innovation model for the Company;
Phase III: Implementation of the model.

FoodTech Hub Events. FoodTech Hub Br members will have priority in participating in discounted events and in meetings held at the Regional Forum.

FoodTech Hub Media:

FoodTech Hub br members will be able to publicize their products and innovations at the local and regional level (LATAM).

Promotion of Webinars on the FoodTech Hub channel.

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